Veridion Adventures - Introduction

About Us

Veridion Adventures is a travel company started by British biologist Philip Davison.  A passionate naturalist from pre-school age, Philip has devoted his life to the never-ending search of knowledge in the natural world.  Always a field biologist, Philip is happiest outdoors.  He has worked in locations from the far north of Scandinavia to the equatorial forests of Ecuador.  As a graduate of life and earth sciences he was drawn to the rain forests and volcanoes of Costa Rica.  Here he spent nineteen years researching the effects of climate change on a tropical rain forest.  Over that period of time he funded his studies by running nature tours.  Calling on his in-depth knowledge of plants, animals, rocks, soils and climate, visitors from all over the world and from all walks of life have been entertained and enlightened by Philips unique style of interpreting and presenting nature.

Now he is taking that knowledge and experience and sharing it at a global level.  The tours are not limited by specifics but are designed to take in all areas of interest.  Many nature travelers, while having a specific interest, also like to experience everything whether it be mammals, birds, butterflies, orchids, fungi or amazing landscapes.  Who could not be awestruck by the sight of majestic mountains, the scintillating, iridescent colors of a hummingbird or the strange mushrooms growing from the trunk of a dead tree.  With Veridion Adventures you are going to experience nature in its fullest, in the raw and in situ.

A New Concept

The overall objective of Veridion Adventures is to see the whole of the planet over a ten-year period.  Each year there will be trips visiting different habitats, experiencing new fauna and flora, meeting people and exploring their culture.  The people who travel with us can join and enjoy whichever part of the journey they chose.  The photographic and video opportunities will be incredible.

Two Ways to Go

There are two main tours.  The Ring of Fire Tour will circumnavigate the Pacific Rim visiting countries that have spectacular volcanic landscapes with extraordinarily diverse natural history.  The Pole to Pole tour will start in the north, head south, then north again visiting all five continents.  Both tours will take in forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Like-minded Travellers

We like to keep the groups small in number, 10 – 12, but always with one thing in mind, everyone in the group is there because they care, because they have a passion for the planet.  You may have never adventured before but you will be in the company of those who have and the sharing of experiences can be the glue that successfully bonds a group together.

Taking Our Time

The tours are about enjoyment, not endurance.  You will be moving at a leisurely pace, perfect for seeing, identifying and photographing the natural world we will be exploring.  As we circumnavigate the planet our hope is that those who travel with us once will join us on future legs of the journey.  We look forward to seeing you year after year.

The excursions are also a once in a lifetime experience. I especially appreciated the primary forest tour with the resident biologist, Philip, whose knowledge of the area's biology was fascinating and awe-inspiring.

Travel to all Corners of the Globe