Ten Years - Two Journeys

Veridion Adventures is a unique concept.  Rather than a series of annually repeated tours to the same locations it involves two major journeys that will visit all points on the planet.  There are two main routes we will follow: one travels around the Pacific rim, the Ring of Fire, the other, Pole to Pole, does a double loop around the planet, taking in all continents.

The one thing both journeys have in common is the desire to see and experience the great diversity of life, habitat and culture on this amazing planet.

Our hope is that the people who travel with us will continue to do so year after year, joining us at various stages of the adventure, photographing and recording for posterity everything we see.

Pole to Pole

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Pole to Pole

The Pole to Pole journey starts in the far north of Scandinavia.  Here much of the scenery demonstrates the  power of ice in a glacier-ravaged landscape.

Then we head south through several countries in Western Europe.  Europe has high mountains, rolling hills, meadows and forest.  It also boasts some of the oldest inhabited cities on the planet.

On journey takes us  across the Iberian Peninsula before crossing the sea to the fascinating continent of Africa and Madagascar.

There is little to be said for Africa and Madagascar.  You just have to see these areas.  There is so much variety from the hot dry deserts of North Africa, the rainforests of Central Africa and the vast grassland Savannahs of the east.

If you want endemics then there are so many species living in Madagascar to be found nowhere else on the planet.

Suddenly the climate changes as our trail moves far south, as far south as we can get, Antarctica.

Now we have no option, we are heading north to the continental island that is Australia.  So far at every part of our journey, the flora and fauna, the look of the land, the plant life have all constantly changed, and this is no exception.

Next it is up through the exotic tropical forests of Borneo before continuing into South East Asia.  Yet another richly diverse geographical area.

As we continue north, all changes again.  We make our way through China and Mongolia before heading north into Russia and over the top of the globe.

Back to the ice and snow as we experience the sublime beauty of Greenland with its massive ice sheets deeply carved by crevasses.

We cross over into the Americas for the first time as we journey south through the boreal forests of eastern Canada and the United States.

Having traversed the varied landscapes of North America we head off to South America.  Here we visit some of the most biodiverse places on the planet, the Neotropical forests.  We go south through the pampas grasslands to Tierra del Fuego and back to Antarctica.

Once more it is north bound this time taking in India, the mountainous regions of the Himalayas where we find the highest peaks on the planet, before descending into the high plateau that is Central Asia.

It’s back over the top, down through the center of Canada, the middle States and back into South America for the vast expansive of forest, the Amazon basin where it meets the foot hills of the Andes, the origin of so many mighty rivers.

Don’t forget this is over a ten-year period.  You can join us as many times as you like.  The tour details will be posted individually.  At every juncture there will be so much to see and experience.  We endeavor to give you the opportunity to explore the world before it changes as well as a lifetime of memories.  If you join us  once I am sure you will join us again.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire journey is a ten-year circumnavigation of the volcanically active zone that borders all side of the Pacific Ocean.  Not only that but we will be vising other areas famous for their volcanoes.

This journey starts in Mexico and then we head south through Central America.  There are some stunning volcanic landscapes here with one perfect volcanic cone after another.

Next it is down the western side of the Andes.  Rugged and dramatic, this geologically recent area of mountain building is in constant action.  The scenery is captivating.

Down through Antarctica and up to New Zealand.  This series of islands is home to more magnificent scenery as those who watched the trilogy of “Lord of the Rings,” movies can testify.  Like its antipodean neighbor it also has a unique collection of fauna and flora.

We continue up the western side of the Pacific Ocean and visit New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines.  This was Alfred Russell Wallace’s realm of discovery.  Just like the tropical South American forests he later visited, this area of the world was alive with endemic species but also showed a distinct demarcation of species found east and west of what would be known as the Wallace Line.

After leaving the Philippines, we venture on the Japan, home of probably the world’s most famous volcano, Mount Fuji.

Then it is on to Kamchatka, the land of volcanoes and bears.

We make our way across the Bering Straits and into Alaska, the west coast of Canada and the United States where we follow the Cascades and the Rockies south.

But the Pacific Ring of Fire despite its circle of volcanic activity is not the only place where volcanism occurs.

Iceland is a massive volcano rising from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  One cannot fail to be anything other than impressed when visiting this northern home of the Vikings.

There are several other volcanic locations rising above the Atlantic Ocean; the Canary Islands, the Azores and so many of the Caribbean Islands.

Africa has its share of volcanoes too.  West Africa and more famously the east African Rift Valley, the birthplace of mankind.

Europe also is home to some very familiar names, Vesuvius in Italy and Santorini in Greece.

For a never-ending source of volcanic activity then Hawaii must not be missed.

If you enjoy photographing the dramatic, the weird and the wonderful, then join us on any part of this ten-year journey.  You will experience the majesty and power that is locked just below the planet’s surface but quite often bubbles over.  This trip is where geology meets biology.  Don’t miss it.

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