What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World

Veridion-Adventures Nature Travel Adventure Holidays BiodiversityThis is a fabulous planet on which we live.  It is the only planet on which we know for certain that life has evolved.  That in itself is amazing.  Over the eons life has come and gone.  There have been five major extinctions during which some, once prevalent, life forms have disappeared forever.  There is a strong body of opinion within the realms of biological science that we are in the throes of the sixth major extinction.

There are over 1.5 million named species of life on Earth.  It is estimated that there could be somewhere between 8 million – 100 million forms of life on the planet.  Most conservative estimates settle somewhere between 8 million – 12 million.  You will find there are very few places where live has not been able to evolve and thrive.

A lot of recent investigative science by palaeoclimatologists suggests that the five previous mass extinction events were the result of cumulative biotic and abiotic factors acting together and resulting in catastrophic, as far as life was concerned, climate change.  We are now seeing a change in the climate at an unprecedented rate of rapidity apart, of course, from the KT extinction event when a rock the size of Manhattan Island dropped out of the sky at 22 km per second and obliterated up to 70% of all life within a short period of time.

Every day the news is filled with tales of doom and gloom concerning the planetary loss of habitat with its ensuing loss of biodiversity.  It does not take much sifting through the daily news reports or magazine articles before you are confronted by almost unbelievable depressing figures.  There are so many scientists working on global climate change studies and the catastrophic effects that will result from a political reluctance to accept and act on the data.  All of this can lead to a feeling of hopelessness when sitting reading about it in the comfort of your home or watching television or searching the internet.

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The wonderful diversity of life in all its forms, the current rate of extinction and the rapidly changing climate along with increasingly extreme social and political situations around the world are the reasons for the inception of Veridion Adventures.  The owner/operator of the business, Philip Davison, is a professional biologist who has had a lifelong obsession with earth and life sciences – he graduated as a geologist/biologist back in the 1970’s.

He has worked at various locations around the world, his most recent being 20 years in Costa Rica, engaged in a long-term climate change study comparing changes in butterfly populations Veridion-Adventures Nature Travel Adventure Holidays Biodiversityagainst temperature and amphibian populations against precipitation.  During that period, he worked as an interpretive nature guide to help fund his scientific work, walking his audience a tropical rainforest, day and night, explaining the complex ecological interactions to be found there.

“Philip’s Primary Forest Tour was a highlight and so informative about the local flora and fauna. He is a valuable resource to the area. We absolutely loved that tour!”  – TripAdvisor

“I have never been to Africa, Asia, in fact to many places around the world.  I have never seen Elephants or Polar Bears in the wild.  I feel time is running out, not just in terms of the disappearance of the world’s wild and remote places, not only due to the critical loss of biodiversity but also with the speed at  which my own fleeting life on Earth is passing by.  I want to go and see these fabulous places.  I want to see the animal and plant life and marvel at how each species has adapted to live and flourish in the face of adversity and competition.  I also want to take you with me and share the experience, so you take home images and tell everyone what is out there.  I welcome you to join me in this Grand Adventure.  Take a look at the website:


I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you sometime in the future.”

Philip Davison

And why veridion?  Viridian is the colour that falls midway between blue and green, the two main colours of the planet.  The spelling was changed to avoid confusion with some other companies that used it in their title, that’s all.



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